Modular Thermal Camera more_vert
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Modular Thermal Cameraclose
Dec 2016 - Present

Working at Tonbo Imaging, a camera company. My work here is to bring up the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform at the application layer, creating a base for camera-client communication, the client SDK and camera FDK, a base for vision problems, streaming, and fast image operations such as false coloring and video stabilization.

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Real-Time Video Stabilization more_vert
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Real-Time Video Stabilizationclose
Jan 2018

Real time video stabilization + minimal computation + auto time-offset correction on Android using a gyroscope only

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Lib Graf more_vert
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Lib Grafclose
May 2018

A library to take a continuous media source [camera, video, gstreamer byte arrays], apply OpenGL filters [vertex+fragment shaders], and configure rendering in shape, size and rotation in 3D space the input and direct to any/multiple Surfaces on Android.

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Auto Quad more_vert
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Auto Quadclose
Sept 2018 - Ongoing

The idea is to buy a cheap chinese quad and eliminate drift + stabilize + direct it using a camera placed on top.

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360° Camera more_vert
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360° Cameraclose
May 2015

Worked at Tesseract, an MIT Media Lab spinoff where I co-developed an Android application to capture and view 360 degree image+video with the hardware built there.

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