Tesseract Imaging
May 2015
Spent 3 months at Tesseract, an MIT Media Lab spinoff working closely with Kshitij Marwah, where I co-developed an Android application to capture and view 360 degree image+video with the hardware built there. Specifically, I worked on:
  • Handling the communication between the camera and the Android app, sending capture requests and transferring captured image and video files.
  • Integrating a 360 degree viewer to view the equirectangular image.
  • Automatically creating floormaps post creation of a 360 degree walkthrough of a house. The only input required from the user were indicators in the 360 degree image pointing one room to another.
  • Creating a (ever-so-slightly primitive) VR mode displacing the feed based on distances of the camera from its target or otherwise. This wasn't true VR, but I played around to see the possibilities with a pre-recorded 360 video.