Rish Bhardwaj

I am a maker at heart; from developing challenging large-scale software to small weekend hacks and proof of concept ideas to tinkering around with my Lego Mindstorms sets - I love to build.

I work at Google Munich in the Android Platforms and Ecosystems team. I have a deep understanding of the Android graphics and camera stack. I have worked on hard problems such as real time stabilization on Android, and have created a graphics library for custom rendering to multiple surfaces, applying filters, and streaming.

I studied computer science at DA-IICT.

One of my biggest side-projects is Lifehacks, an Android application I developed from scratch which now has ~1 Million installs. I also designed the logo, collated the content, structured the database and designed the REST API. I contribute to open source occasionally - I've contributed heavily to Lens Launcher, an Android launcher with over 1 million installs, and have also open sourced a personal project I developed during my university days for viewing Zimbra Webmails on Android.

I have also co-authored a paper in the Conference of Data Sciences (CODS '17) studying the role of temporal diversity in inferring social ties based on spatio-temporal data. (view paper here).

I'm a drum student, I'm learning to speak German, and am an active blogger, where I write about my work, travel and side projects. I'm extremely enthusiastic about life, believe that life is too short to work on things that don't interest you, and I'm always on the hunt for learning something new.

You can find me on LinkedIn, or email me here.

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Rish Bhardwaj

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