• Spent ~4 months living with my brother, and the remaining part of the year alone at home in Munich. I learnt to run my spaceship.
  • I spent ~3 months, 9 hours a week learning German. I can now have everyday conversations limited to a certain topic, and watch movies in German.
  • Rented an apartment in the heart of Munich. Bought my very own furniture for the first time in life, and also live alone for the first time.
  • Started a job at Google Munich in the Android Platforms and Ecosystems team!
  • local_airport [life] Munich, Germany
    Moved to Munich, Germany.
  • linked_camera [work] Cuda, C++
    Got over my fear of working on C++ and Cuda. Worked on the Nvidia TX2 platform to run real time fusion of thermal and visible cameras, detect vehicles in a video feed, run a thermal imaging pipeline to convert 14 bit image to greyscale 8 bit output, and build a GUI using QT.
  • linked_camera [work] Thermal Pipeline
    [WIP] Worked on building an image processing pipeline to convert 14 bit thermal data to an 8 bit grayscale / 24 bit false colored output, making a scene independent imaging pipeline that gives good contrast. A lot of the algorithms were already written by my colleagues, but there was no unified codebase where we could experiment.
  • If you want to win the game, you have to follow its rules. I decided I'd like to experience working at a big company, and all FAANG companies need their employees to have strong CS foundations and problem solving abilities. I dedicated a major chunk of my personal free time solving questions on interviewbit.com, and leetcode.com. I did about 300+ problems in total.
  • User management was one of the biggest challenges for an offline first camera system. This was necessary because customers wanted to manage and use their cameras from our website. I designed and developed ground up the mechanism and flow for a secure offline first user management system.
  • Moved to Vilnius, Lithuania, to be the first members setting up the Tonbo Imaging UAB European office. This is a research and development center, where my will work will involve creating a sensor package for autonomous driving.
  • location_searching [hobby] Autonomous Quad, Camera
    Fly a cheap chinese quad and eliminate drift + stabilize + direct it using a camera placed on top and a simplistic PID model. Using an nRF module to send serial commands to the drone, and aruco markers for pose estimation.
  • Created a graphics library on Android for custom rendering, applying OpenGLES filters, fast transfer of frames between the CPU and GPU, and streaming. I also ported my previous work on video stabilization to use this library.
  • Rewrote our entire Snapdragon platform application layer codebase at Tonbo Imaging to standardize communication between different camera variants and various clients/softwares. This also included creating an SDK for vendors to create custom clients to communicate with the cameras. I also created libraries out of the re-usable elements within the software.
  • local_airport [life] Month-long Travel
    Took a month off of work to travel North India and Bhutan. I also spent 10 days skiing in Auli during this period.
  • I hired a full time Android Engineer and a Python webdev intern, and boy was it difficult. I've always stressed on a company is only as good as it's people, but it's an insanely difficult challenge to hire good engineers with the right mindset.
  • Worked on real-time 30 FPS video stabilization using an IMU and rendering using OpenGL. I learnt 3D geometry and camera modeling during this period.
  • Joined Tonbo Imaging, a camera company, in May as a full time employee. My work here will be to bring up the Qualcomm Snapdragon platform at the application layer, creating a base for vision problems, streaming, and fast image operations such as false coloring and video stabilization.
  • I used Gstreamer on Android to stream real time video. During this period I understood how videos are stored, streamed, interact with displays, and a little bit about codecs and muxers, and various video color formats (RGB, YUV and the conversions between them). I also created a GStreamer Cookbook in C and Python for anyone trying their hand at GStreamer.
  • Spent my first month exploring face detection in thermal video on a low-end mobile GPU. The limited GPU computation ability and limited facial features at a distance forced me to use a HoG feature descriptor and feed its results to a linear SVM. I detected once every 10 frames and used a KLT tracker, tracking points in the detected faces as it was computationally faster.
  • Started interning at Tonbo Imaging, a camera company that designs and manufactures advanced imaging and sensor systems for military reconnaissance, infrastructure security and transportation safety. My work here will be to explore possibilities of building a camera on Android, perform vision analytics, explore OpenCV-CL-GL and validate real time streaming.
  • Co-published a paper on studying the role of temporal diversity in inferring social ties based on spatio-temporal data. We created a rich spatio-temporal dataset of 0.7 million datapoints of continuous location data logged at an interval of every 2 minutes by mobile phones of 46 subjects.
  • local_airport [life] Hill Hacks
    Spent two weeks (May '16) at a hacker space in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh - HillHacks. I learnt a lot about hacker spaces in India and in Germany. I also met and interacted with a lot of people from diverse fields - architecture, space tech, design, animals enthusiasts, hacker space owner, and several others.
  • I won a scholarship by Tata Trusts and Google Scholarship to take up Udacity's Nanodegree program and chose to take it up because I never formally learnt Android through a course or theory.
  • A general quiz platform I made for the Google Admob challenge '16 in a team of 4. Our core focus was on the interface and design. I'm really happy with the way it came out, and is probably my favorite group college project - mostly because it was self-initiated; no one asked us to do this, but the 4 of us had an itch to do something.
  • Developed an Android application that now has over 750K+ downloads on Google Play (4.6 stars with >9K ratings, and over 25% active users, as of Aug '18). It is the top app in its category on the store, and is growing at ~1-5K downloads per day.
  • I spent 3 weeks with Anirudh Sharma, an MIT Media Lab graduate in Fluid Interfaces, and Nitesh Kadyan tinkering around in their lab in Bangalore. I worked on a whole lot of small projects during this period - varying from monitoring ECG on your bi-cycle handle to making a voice controlled interface to control the crazy-flie nano-copter to transferring data over the audio jack on your mobile phone.
  • At Kumbathon for 10 days as a participant, where I worked with Ramesh Raskar towards bringing technology to the Kumbhmela. We visualized changes in population movement on heatmaps, using telecom data.
  • Spent 3 months at Tesseract, an MIT Media Lab spinoff working closely with Kshitij Marwah, where I co-developed an Android application to capture and view 360 degree image+video with the hardware built there.
  • Conceptualized, designed, programmed, and published on Google PlayStore a GMail like e-mail application based on android that is now used to view my university‚Äôs emails and receive notifications on android mobile devices.
  • I worked on a lot of Android projects in my second year. From one idea to the next, making things on Android felt a lot like playing with Lego Mindstorms. To list a couple I'm proud of, Andro-Mouse, Knight's Tour, and Alarm For Snoozers.
  • I took up an Information and Communication Technology undergrad at DA-IICT. I took up electives in IoT and Software Architecture, made friends that I'll keep for life, and played a lot of football. This was a great place for me because the college gave us a lot of time and space and let us be - which is why I could experiment so many different things and figure out what I like to do most.
  • book [edu] Study, Study, Study
    I spent 2 long years preparing to get an Engineering admission. I really did nothing other than study super fat books thicker than my thighs - I usually had them cut into multiple pieces just so they wouldn't look so scary. I ranked in the top 0.5 percentile of AIEEE.
2010 and before
  • My father bought me a second Mindstorms kit when it came out in 2009. Even more pieces, and I made even more creations! I remember I stopped playing PS2 altogether because I enjoyed playing with Lego and making things so much more. Click on the title to view all my Lego projects.
  • local_airport [life] Moved to India
    We moved back to India after spending a good 10 years in Switzerland. This was when I was in 7th grade, and I'm glad we did; I know I'd be a confused brown Swiss who'd never never associate himself as an Indian, but wouldn't truly ever be one of the Swiss either because he was a brown vegetarian brought up with Indian values. Having now seen life in India and knowing I'm Indian, I'd like to spend my life in Europe.
  • My father bought me a Lego Mindstorms NXT 1.0 kit in 2006, and I boy I built a whole lot of things and published them all on the NXTLog. The first thing my father and I made together was a tri-wheel car that could extend its neck. Since then I've made a lot of Lego creations. Click on the title to view all.