Hill Hacks '16
May 2016
Spent two weeks (May '16) at a hacker space in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh - HillHacks. I learnt a lot about hacker spaces in India and in Germany. I also met and interacted with a lot of people from diverse fields - architecture, space tech, design, animals enthusiasts, hacker space owner, and several others. I also worked on building a mud house with an ex-YourStory co-founder which was really fun! Unfortunately, I lost my phone my phone and didn't have them backed up on Google Photos (because fellow Hill-Hackers had convinced me Google was evil). The few photos to the left are ones I had shared with a pen-pal during the time. Oh and FTR, I now don't think it is evil and I'm fine sharing all my personal photos I really want to keep to myself, anti-nationalist texts I sometimes send to friends, and beyond weird web searches with them. Kidding. But, really their service is great and it's all free!