Request For Change
May '15
A small website a senior and I from college made to raise concerns with the administration. We'd have to write individual emails for anything we'd want; say degrading quality of the juice counter in the cafeteria, or problems with the football ground, or the girls in-time. None of these would be followed up by the admin or professors, because they wouldn't pay heed to a one-off email. So, we were certain a crowd-sourced internally hosted RFC would work - as real issues would become apparent to the admin if there were enough supporters. The clever bit here was we didn't need any student to register with their email. As long as they had a college e-mail, we would validate it using the official mail, Zimbra. The idea was still eventually rejected by the administration as they were worried about any of these concerns being published on social media or forums like Quora, which would affect the college's reputation.