Dec 2015 - Forever
Jan 2016 Me : So I spent the whole weekend working on this app - it was a whole lot of fun, though I barely slept. I found this amazing website with brilliant content and thought it'd be cool to make an app out of it. Roomate : Its great, but do you reckon anyone would use it? Oct 2016 Me : Over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people have used it, and about 60% use it regularly! :D Roomate : Whaaaat! How? Oct 2018 Me : I'm hitting 750,000 installs and a regular 1,000+ installs a day! Roomate : You just got lucky with this. I suppose I did get lucky; it's difficult to predict what will work and be popular among the masses, but having made so many things in the past, something or the other was bound to hit it on the Play Store. Read more about the app and its statistics at my blog.