Dec 2014 - May 2015
This was one project I worked really hard on during college - I open sourced it and got several seniors from college interested in working on it. This is where I learnt software takes a good 3 revisions at the very minimum to become something you're proud of. My resume pitch for this app: Conceptualized, designed, programmed, and published on Google PlayStore a GMail like e-mail application based on android that is now used to view my university’s emails and receive notifications on android mobile devices.
  • All mail functionalities; send emails, receive notifications based on polling, delete, archive.
  • It can be extended as an application for all organizations that use Zimbra Web Client.
  • Prior to this application all university users had to log into their laptops / desktops to view their emails.
  • Led a team of four developers to develop this application.